Expel that Chinese who disrespect & spit on us…



Expel that Chinese who spit on us…

Expel that Chinese who spit on us…
For how long are we going to be exposed to trauma, brought to us and caused by foreigners? African Resources and land belongs to the people of Africa.
In China corruption carries death penalty but they come and corrupt their way into our territories and resources, they bring loans and contracts that are not favorable to the people of this continent, Chinese investment is killing local business and local employment as they are bringing labor from china, Chinese businesses borrow from China at lower rates and locals borrow at high interests rates.
Please sign & share this petition to put pressure on African Governments to expel, foreigners who abuse our people in Africa, and put legislation that criminalize such Acts throughout Africa.
In this case the Chinese in the video and the other in Zambia must be deported to China, and this must send a message that:
“We might be Black but we are human also and deserve respect, honor and dignity…”

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5 Miss Nhlakanipho M. South Africa Jun 19, 2021
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3 Miss Kegomoditswe M. South Africa Jun 13, 2021
2 Ms solomon c. Zimbabwe Jun 12, 2021
1 Mr ANDAS C. South Africa Jun 12, 2021

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