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Our organisation will help in Africa's problem identification, any African citizen help our institution by bringing in problems they face in their areas in anywhere in Africa.


A team of professionals across the continent with hands on experience of their geographical locations in Africa, studies the problem.


Problems are deliberated by all african representatives scholars and ordinary citizens of Africa.


Solutions are put together and presented to relevant Government institutions, Laws makers etc,, then the public is conscientised, and wait for response and action.

Who We Are

ANDAS Concept

Africa’s New Development & Advocacy Strategy concept (ANDAS)
ANDAS  is a new thought on how we can approach Africa’s universal questions that affects societies of our entire continent, questions that has remained unanswered for the past 500 years.
 ANDAS promote, develop and affirm the rights and principles of Africans, and reverse the negative impacts of the past colonialism and the new form of colonialism using the 500 years old tools of exploiting Africa's resources.  The sole object is to facilitate and advance progressive advocacy, lobbying, promote Pan Africanism & constitutionalism and protection of our continent our only home


The realisation of socio-economic rights is intertwined with civil liberties and political freedoms. Social and economic marginalisation deprives people of their fundamental right to live with security and dignity and is a betrayal of the Constitutionalism and African People.
Endemic poverty and inequality renders the entire Africa a fragile society, where the poor and the vulnerable, especially women and children, are condemned to the fringes and easily exploited.
There is an unacceptable and unsustainable gap between the vision of the Constitution and the lived reality for far too many African citizens. This gap must be closed. Providing people with access to decent education, adequate housing, and health care, and with the protection of a social security net, is essential for cohesive societies and the future prosperity of the entire Continent

Africa Our Only Home!

African Constitution
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